The last shoot of 2017

I think it’s not even one month ago that I bought my studio gear, I’m happy as a kid!
Within 3 weeks I already shot 4 models in my small home studio and many shoots will follow.

Past year I didn’t do much shoots with models but I’m very happy with the ones I did! I met some awesome talented people.

*I bought a new camera, so my quality improved massively!
*I found a new passion in travel photography while I’ve visited 8 different countries
*I moved from Groningen to baarn
*I got myself a small “home studio”
*I enormously improved my Photoshop skills

And in 2018… I hope to keep on growing, creating and shooting with many people! I’m making baby steps into going full time as an entrepreneur.

I wish you all the best for 2018!

Model: Marjolein Tegel
Make-up & Hair: Naomi Glaser

NEW! Studio

About 2 weeks ago I’ve worked together with Sarah and Suzanne.
We did a “beauty” test shoot in my new home studio.

Model: Sarah Boulahlib @ Mix models
Make-up & Hair: Suzanne Verstappen

Zoom fashion top 10 2017

One of the pictures I made for Blue Eleven Intimates is part of the fashion top 10, 2017 of Zoom.
It’s a very nice surprise to be published between such amazing photos.

You can see the full article here

Roadtripping; The United Kingdom

3 weeks ago Robin and I went on a small journey to the United Kingdom.
On sunday the 19th of november we flew to Edingburgh airport and jumped in to a car to make a huge roadtrip along the coast, the highlands and cities.
We’ve seen the sun, cloudscapes and a shitload of rain. At one day we even defied a huge blizzard on Isle of Skye.
Visiting the Eilean Donan Castle, The Fairy Pools, Mealtfalls, Fairy Glen Falls, Dunnottar Castle ,the Glennfinan viaduct and Edingburgh were some of the highlights of our roadtrip.
England and Scotland are such hospitable and awesome destinations for a roadtrip!

And did you know that Robin also takes awesome pictures! Below some of Robin’s shots…

Pillow fights and stuff

Today I’ve been shooting for Blue Eleven Intimates again. Some items of the previous collection and some new ones.

For this shoot Ulara booked a stunning location in Oudewater (Holland).
And did you know you can also book this location for a good night of sleep?

You can already enjoy some of the backstage pics in this post!


Speaking of hidden pearls, Lombok!

After arriving at Bali we got so sick of the tourism everywhere.
That’s when we decided to hop on the public ferry to Lombok.

Though the ferry was a bit creepy, crowded and slow… this magical island turned out to be quiet, peaceful and extremely pretty!
We’ve been driving around at our rental scooters, or ehm shall I call it motorbikes? to explore Lombok.
We ran in to stuff like waterfalls, magical uninhabited islands and lovely small beaches….

3 months later….

About 3 months ago Robin and I were spending our last days in Venice, our last days of a whole lot of traveling.
We were putting our minds to go home and to dive in to the “adult” life again.

And there we are, at the 9th of October, a regular monday, another beginning of a working week.

It still feels a bit crazy, in my dreams I quite often travel to the most breathtaking places.
Places I’ve seen, places I want to see but also places that don’t exist.

Well okay, but this place does exist! Ijen Crater, Java, Indonesia