Day: 37

So this post started with the title “Day: 35”
Meanwhile it’s “Day: 37”

Time goes by like crazy. At some moments I even get the feeling that I’ve got rid of time.
Which is an awesome thing because in my opinion people are living their time schedule way too much these days.
Right before I started traveling I also caught myself at becoming a workaholic. My whole days were modelled around  the clock, the planning.
But that’s life right? “Work hard, play hard” as some people would say.

These last days I’ve been thinking a lot about my future.
One year ago I would have sayed that I would just stay away for a very long period.
Work, travel, work, travel…  maybe even for years.
But nowadays my opinion changed. I guess that’s what love does to us.
I don’t feel like staying away anymore. I want to build something, a future, memories and travel as much as I can, but just as holidays, because in that way it doesn’t get ordinary.

I’m so grateful for all the things I’ve been able to see these last weeks.
It opens my eyes and changed my perspectives of this world. Nature combined with places that are made by human hands.
It makes me think about the how’s and the why’s a lot.
And than finding the answers is the hardest thing there is, because it’s all about our individual perspectives.

I would love to share some pictures of our beautiful world with you!


Roadtrip Norway

My last ‘working’ day was also the first day of my new beginning. In the evening Robin and I got in the plane for a few days Norway.
We’ve rented a car, booked some magical hotels/cabins/appartments and brought some nice warm stuff with us.

That’s all we need right? Some magical places and love?


Tadaaa….. the photo/video material, I think we both are a bit addicted to photo and film making > :)



My new chapter

It has been a little while and there have been some major changes in my life. To start of with the fact that I’ve quit my job, I gave up my ‘home’ and I put away most of my belongings. In exchange I bought myself a practical backpack, where my residuary belongins fit in. Yes, that’s where my journey starts. My new chapter.

This journey is something I’ve dreamed of for many years, the ultimate freedom, the chance to explore and think.

And than the day was there. I was standing at the airport with my backpack, kissing my love goodbye. Probably one of the hardest things I had to do. Though I knew he would join me in 6 weeks. But I guess it’s always hard to say goodbye to those you love. After a travel day of almost 24 hours I arrived at Bangkok airport and I realized I was standing at the other side of the world. This might sound a bit melodramatic, but this is really how I started to realize.

The smell of tasteful Thai food and a minute later a scent of trash and drainage. People rushing their way at the airport, all following their own path.

My first impressions of Thailand…


A few weeks ago I’ve photographed my beautiful pregnant niece Sharon and her boyfriend Roy. We did a natural shoot at a beautiful location. I even kept the editing minimalistic (which is something unique for my work), so embrace these pure shots.

A funny fact…. normally I don’t do pregnancy shoots because I somehow think it’s a bit outdated and boring. But this time I insisted because I  love to photograph the people that are close to me. Especially when it’s about something special like this… a small miracle growing inside :)


Gender reveal 2016

In 2016 we already did a gender reveal shoot… will it be a boy or a girl? Cheesy I know…. but that’s what I like about it! We gave the shoot a huge ‘fun’ fact with some personal stuff like the rocking horse, a confetti cannon, some baby clothes and ofcourse the pink and blue balloons.


Roadtrip 2016

This summer I went on a roadtrip from the North of Holland, to France, Spain and Portugal. I’ve finally got some time to finish the video.


Well… enjoy!


These 2 little beauties did also join the castingday of Kris Model Management. Aren’t they talented?

Casting day 2.0

A few weeks ago I wrote about the casting day for Kris Model Management. Well here is the beauty/fashion part of that day. As you can imagine, with that many models, we had to work like crazy. About 10 minutes for each model and just shooting, shooting and shooting! I’m very happy with the results, all the models were so enthusiastic and also the models who didn’t make it through the selection are so beautiful and unique.

Make-up: Kris Hummel and Suzanne Hendrikx
Haar+headpieces: Rachma Heuvel
Styling: Ilse vink