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New Born!

Vanaf nu kunt u mij ook boeken voor new born fotografie. Omdat dit een nieuwe categorie is waarin ik werk heb ik een speciale actie.

Boek nu een new born shoot voor slechts €50 incl. btw!  

Tijdens een 2 uur durende shoot maak ik foto’s van de baby bij u thuis of bij mij thuis in Groningen. Van deze shoot krijgt u 5 volledig bewerkte foto’s per mail.
Des te jonger de baby is, des te mooier dit is voor de foto’s. In een ideale situatie is de baby tussen de 5 en 15 dagen.

*wanneer ik moet reizen worden deze kosten op basis van het openbaar vervoer voor u in rekening gebracht.
**Reserveer nu snel een shoot! Deze actie is geldig t/m 15-04-2014

Voor vragen en boekingen kunt u mailen naar

Onderstaande foto’s: baby Fee, dochter van Nathalie en Arjan van Benthum
Fotografie: Stephanie Verhart

Fashion in Lisbon

These pictures are still from past half year in Lisbon. Meanwhile I’m already back in Holland for one month now! I’m totally back in my old routine and there is the itch of going away again. There are so much places in the world I want to see. And yes, I’m busy with two amazing new projects. Picture your view and I’m in the preparation fase of making my own book: “The meaning of words”. As you can see in the previous post -> I’m still looking for people to collaborate with.

Well enjoy watching these pictures, for me an amazing memory of living in Lisbon.

Model: Dana Galiyeva
Hair: Sessili Jering
Make-up, styling, photo: Stephanie Verhart

The meaning of words

For many words are vague meanings, sometimes even several meanings. And then you also have the words that are interpreted differently per person. That fascinates me and causes my interest. I want to develop a comprehensive book in which various words will be dedicated. Now you may immediately think of a dictionary, but no! The book I’m going to make will serve as inspiration and contain both text and pictures. What I want is to encourage people to see things from a multifaceted perspective.

The texts in the book will be based on the extensive research I’m currently doing. This research contains information of the internet, books and various people. By interviewing several people I get a look at the different meanings of words and feelings about certain words. 

So now I’m looking for people who are willing to collaborate on this research. (There are no requirements, because I need the opinion of all kind of people.) We will talk about several words, what they mean to you etc. and I will make some pictures for in the book. The announcement of which words will be processed in the book will be later.