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Just another update!

I made some pictures today. I worked together with model Lonneke Vugs and hairstylist Simone den Ouden. My tasks where doing the make-up, styling and ofcourse pictures! Here some backstage shots :)

Something old, something new…

The awesome thing about rebuilding my website was going trough al my old photography and make-up art work again. And oh I love some of the stuff I made in the past. Unfortunately I can’t show all of my favourites because my old harddrive broke down, at the moment I really hope that it’s still possible to be fixed. And ofcourse I mailed my loveley models to ask if they still have some of the work I made. My niece kept all the images of the shoots I made of her and I was so happy to receive those again! I got inspired by my own old work, isn’t that funny? By the time I started photography I just saw those pictures as a simple amature work Now I can enjoy the lack of perfection a lot. So that’s what I’m going to do again, follow my feelings and make what I love. And my upcoming project will be called “Feel”. It’s going to be a project which consists of more than one shoot. So soon something new, but first my old work that gave me new inspiration again.

Sunplay (repost)

Last week I made pictures with Chlóë Matanja, she’s a model who has just started with photography as well and is located in Groningen, just like me. I offered myself as test model, but I also asked if I could take pictures of her. And I could, I just love these results, isn’t she pretty?

Model: Chlóë Matanja
Styling and pictures: Stephanie Verhart

I also love this picture that Chlóë made of me, sun is just an awesome add on for a picture!
Photo by Chlóë Matanja