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satellite heart

A few weeks ago I photographed beauty Judy in Ton Halfman’s studio. We made a series “Satellite heart” Take a look at the pictures below.

Model: Judy Mendel
Photography, styling and make-up art: Stephanie Verhart
With special thanks to Ton Halfman, for letting us use his studio.

A small work update

Here is some of the work I made in the past few weeks.

The model in the beauty portraits is Lonneke Vugs and the hairstylist Simone den Ouden I did the make-up, styling and photography.

In the other pictures you can see a very cute little baby boy. He has been in the hospital in the first weeks of his life, a hard time for his parents, sister and the poor little boy himself ofcourse. I gave the family a free photoshoot so they have some nice pictures of their beautiful boy outside of the hospital!

My current projects and jobs

Currently I’m busy working on a few awesome projects to expand my portfolio.
I like to share some backstage pictures of the past few weeks. Because after I launched this new website I thought it was time to create some fresh and new work.

I started thinking about what I want in the further future, after graduating and what would be better than make a fulltime job of your passion. That’s what I’m working on next to my study real hard these days. I’m already an entrepreneur, but only part time at the moment.

I had the opportunity to work for some awesome brands and with very inspiring people in the past weeks and I made some great new connections for possible new jobs. And to share as last…. in the future I will also show my videoproduction and edit work, so you can book me for even more! Than the main thing many people ask me.. can’t you better focus on just one subject? No, I believe when your heart lays at several subjects you can perfectly combine this. Yes in this case you have to give a lot, but when your passions are your work it doesn’t feel like working and you can be so much more productive as people who just focus at one subject. I get so much more inspiration by doing different things and seeing a work field from different sides. Soon more of these other workfields I’m active in. for now I can recommend you to look at 2 awesome study projects I did: and