Date Archives September 2015

I shot these photo’s for my graduation project
“Mourning for emotions, repressed and buried…”

Models: Wieteke Konings @ Innocence model agency & Nathalie Boom
Make-up, styling, concept & photography: Stephanie Verhart

Backstage with Wieteke@Innocence model agency

A few days ago I did the first real shoot for my graduation project. After some tests, with facts about rhetoric in my mind, my strategy set and an extra new challenge/small test with an analog disposable camera from Hema I did this shoot in katwijk aan Zee. For now I can say I’m really happy with the results! Coming week I have two more shoots in the same theme to go. Also one new big challenge, a duo shoot. My goal is to make one strong, catchy series of these 3 shoots. It’s fashion and beauty with a very strong focus on expressions and emotions. I want to hit the people who look at this series… so it’s not about just showing ‘beautiful’ images with make-up and nice clothes, it’s about telling a story! The theme I got for this series is black widow, but I will tell more about that part later!

Meet newborn Jasmijn!

About 2 weeks ago I made pictures of this little girl. Again a newborn who refused to sleep after drinking her milk. It’s amazing how she stares at the camera with her beautiful, glassy, big blue eyes.. and at the last picture (I post here) she almost falls asleep. Isn’t she just adorable?

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