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Printed book

Normally I don’t print my photos, out of laziness, or because of the high charge I guess. But a few months ago I did make a printed book and nowadays I realize how happy I am with it.

Just like the analog work, print brings the photos more alive. Though this wasn’t the best quality of print.. it still gives such an unique atmosphere.

What do you think about printing photos and making photo books?

social media portraits

I’ve been making social media portraits pretty often, but Im not showing this part of photography in my portfolio. Mostly because I make these portraits for clients. That’s why I wanted to make some new work for my portfolio.

Past monday I photographed a good friend. If you take a good look, you can find her in my portfolio more often. This time we went for a simple, natural setting, without over-posing to make some ‘business’ portraits.

Note: the photos below are not edited yet. The ‘real’ photos will follow soon!

Photo selecting

Yesterday when I was travelling by train I started with the photo selection of the shoot with Britta. I already love these barely edited, random selection results.


Backstage with Britta

Today I made some new free work with beauty Britta Reinink. You can already enjoy these backstage photos! We went for some strong ‘natural’ looks. And with natural I don’t really mean natural… I’ve used a lot of makeup to put some accents on Britta’s strongest features.

Some of my favourite products

-Dior Star foundation. This product gives an awesome natural glow and has a beautiful ‘thick’ level of covering


-Dior Glow maximizer. The dior glow maximizer is the perfect liquid highlighter for a bright and ‘healthy looking’ glow.


-MAC Skinfinish Soft & Gentle. Well this product is already quite popular among bloggers…and why? Because it gives the perfect highlights for a light/medium dark skin. I especially love using this product for photo shootings.


-And than.. last but not least Pupa Milano eyeshadow. I’ve started working with Pupa during my makeup art course a few years ago. These eyeshadows have a very high amount of pigment. The light color is also perfect for highlighting. It gives the makeup look a very fresh and clean touch.


Curious how I used these products? Keep on posted… within a few weeks these beauty photos of Britta will be online!

Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts

I probably never stop writing about my thoughts. Taking my thoughts somewhere else… it’s something that feels like a small relieve. As a young kid I always wrote in my ‘dear’ diary and those memories and thoughts are so magnificent to treasure. That’s why I started writing about my thoughts again, this time a bit more serious, but still with the same thought, to keep those thoughts alive!

Interpretation and perception
Thinking is such a ‘normal’ thing, everyone does it, all day long. So writing about my thoughts is somehow the same I think… Though the special thing about thoughts is that everyone’s thoughts are different. “Well special?” You might think… yes it is! I love how every human being has different ways of interpretation and perception. In my thesis I wrote a huge story about this subject. Like, can we influence thoughts? And how? But why would we want to influence thoughts? And why would we want to be influenced? Isn’t being your own ‘self’ good enough? And secretly being seduced by advertising, that doesn’t feel okay, right?

There is so much stuff researched and written about this subject. But of course the subject keeps being interpreted differently. In my personal opinion that is a great thing! It makes us who we are, our unique, strong selves. But when I take a look from the business side it could be a hard thing. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if everyone just loved my pictures and booked a shoot? The business side says: “Yes!! That’s perfect for the finances,” my personal side says: “No way! I love a challenge, I love to affect and win over people. Besides… (online)marketing is a great thing. Challenging yourself to reach something is a great way of living, it keeps you alive!” Well I’ve made my point.

From now on I’m going to share my thoughts a bit more often. And do you know? I’m experimenting with social media, so you can also follow me at Tumblr, Twitter, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest and Google+!

And of course, because this post is all about personal interpretation I would love to hear your opinion about this subject as well!

What do you think about interpretation, perception and being seduced by advertising?

‘The adult life’

The past months have been very agitated for me… it was time to  close the student chapter and to start with ‘the adult life’. At least, that’s how I like to call it. The period in which you start thinking: “What do I want? What do I need to do to achieve what I want? Will I ever be where I want to be?” and also the period where you have to make some hard choices.

That great feeling of graduating, of which you first think it will last forever, did only last for a few hours. Just one week after graduating I quit my job at a call center, because I realised I wasn’t doing what I wanted to do, it made me feel very stressed and unhappy. Human beings aren’t made to work, work, work and just act like programmed machines. And maybe it’s a personal thing, maybe I’m just not the type of person to work with very tight regulations and rules. I like to color outside the lines.

Though, working could be fun! I love working, but I love working with some more freedom, creativity and respect. So currently I’m looking for a job that fits my qualities and a job that will make me happy. I have a huge passion for creating content, designing, photography, videoproduction, concepting, painting, reading, researching, socializing, food, culture, journalism, running and travelling. That’s also one of the reasons I started this company, already 2 years ago! The photography part has always been a nice ‘studentjob’ next to my study. Doing things you love and making money out of it is just perfect. But it’s also a pitfall for me, I love variation, some sureness and to be part of something bigger. That’s why I’m also planning to do something with my other qualities, whether it is starting a second company or working at an external company. I will see what the future brings!

In the meantime ‘the in between jobs time’ I have some time to think, learn and create! Besides all the job applications I do, I’ve started collecting all my portfolio stuff, making some new work, concepting about startups, setting up the basics for a future business plan and reading many interesting books. Soon I hope to have my ‘future’ a bit more clear…but in the meantime, I just keep on thinking, learning and creating.

What to expect from a shoot

A question I pretty often get is “What can I expect when I book a shoot?” Well it’s a very good question because every photographer will work by his own manners. In this post I will describe my method of working.

1) Plan phase
First of all I always start with a plan phase. In this phase we talk, well let’s say e-mail about the possibilities, your wishes and we will we actually plan a date.

2) The shoot
The shoot will take place at an external location, your home (in case it’s a newborn shoot) or at my place. Mostly the shoot will be at my place. And that’s where a funny detail shows up… I don’t shoot in a big studio as most of my models and clients expect! To make it even more clear, I shoot in the ‘room’ where I live and this works perfectly because my clients feel more relaxed in a personal environment. Besides that the place where I work and live gives the most beautiful daylight you can imagine. That’s where the pure and soft look of my pictures partly comes from. The basic light is a pretty important fact. I just love floodlight with some reflections.

Okay.. that wasn’t really the shoot I was talking about… more the location part. But the shoot itself is a very relaxed thing. It’s normal that people I photograph are a bit nervous when they show up because they don’t stand in front of the camera in their daily lives. But there is no need to be scared at all! I won’t bite. At the shoot day we start with having a talk (and a drink) to get to know each other and to take some nerves away. Than it’s time to start with the make-up, or in case it’s a shoot without a makeup booking we just start with the shooting. Because I’ve been modelling for many, many years I can give some very handy tips about posing and relaxing in front of the camera. Some tricks will look a bit funny, but the good thing is that they do their work every single time! 

3) Post production and payment
Within 5 days after the shoot I will send you a pre-selection of very small files and the invoice by e-mail. Once you have said which photos you want (the amount that’s agreed in the package) and once I have received the payment of the invoice I will sent the edited photos within 14 days by Wetransfer/mail.

Note: I will never send all the non edited photo’s that are made during a shoot! I’m an artist, so I only see the edited photos as my work. You can always order extra edited photos for the price I’ve told during the plan phase.

Any more questions? Just respond at this post or send me an email: