A test shoot and some more..

A test shoot and some more..

Test shoot

Last week I photographed Beau, her name already says it…she’s beautiful! It was a shoot to test some of my new make-up items and I’m very happy with the results!
First we shot some ‘pure’ well mostly about fresh make-up shots and after that I did put the accent at her lips. For this shoot the base, colors and highlights were very important.

A thing I normally don’t do inside with sunny daylight is using my GOLD reflecting shield! I always take the sun away by closing my white curtain on one side (as a kind of diffuser for the sun) I’m always afraid that my pictures will get an ugly yellow glue (or way too hard light) and that it won’t fit the environment. Well this time I choose to try using my gold shield.. because I wanted my highlights to show of a bit better and a warm bronze color for my model did also fit very nicely. I think I’m going to do this more often! You can see the huge difference between the upper and lower pictures, it gives a whole different atmosphere. A day in summer.. versus a day in winter! As make-up artist it’s important you can apply techniques like highlighting/shading, but it’s also important as photographer to know how make-up effects will be shown the best. And even if a make-up artist didn’t highlight/shade it’s important you can do it as photographer.. (yeeh to photoshop – dodge/burn!)


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Of course I was busy with my graduation again as well. I’m so inspired by some old writers(poets), philosophers and techniques behind classic and modern rhetoric. I hopped in at a poem of Garmt Stuiveling (sorry it’s in Dutch, I’ve tried to translate it somehow properly below!):

“Geloof niet wat de praters dwaas vertelden;
geloof niet wat de schrijvers wijs vermelden;
geloof noch woord, noch boek, noch sterrentaal
– geloof alleen u-zelf, en dan nog zélden.
(Garmt Stuiveling, Wordend kristal) “

“Do not believe what the talkers tell foolishly;
do not believe what the writers mention wisely;
faith nor word, neither book nor stars language
– Believe only your choosing, and even then rarely.
(Garmt Stuiveling Becoming crystal) “

Oh and I found so much more awesome stuff and theories. Another story I want to recommend to read is “the medium is the message”of philosopher Marshall McLuhan.
It’s funny because my graduation time is starting to mean so much more for me as just graduating. It’s a whole way of life, a road in which I explore who I really am and want to be. I became so much more self-conscious already. Just by thinking, thinking and even more thinking! I’ve also made some plans with a good friend to set up a second company.. something that comes from deep inside, something we love! Something in which we combine art, political subjects and a sense of pureness. But some more information about that subject will follow up later… first my graduation.


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