juli 1, 2017

After 3 months of backpacking…

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After 3 months of backpacking…

After 3 months of backpacking…on the 12th of June my plane landed at Schiphol airport. It was quite late already, around 10pm, though it was still light outside. We had a delay of 8 hours, so arriving at Schiphol felt like the best thing that could happen that day. My love, Robin was waiting at me in the arrival hall and the moment I saw him the only I thing I wanted to do was hug him and never let him go again.

I felt a kind of inner happiness. It reminded me of my childhood, like unwrapping a beautifully packed gift. There’s nothing better than coming home and see the ones you love again.

The last month of my backpack adventure I traveled together with Robin. We’ve seen so many impressive things together. Natures miracles, like waterfalls, beaches, ricefields and temples. We saw extreme poorness, annoying touristic places and we’ve met so many excessively kind people. We also got to know each other very, very well. We’ve been sick together and managed to vomit for a few days and become 2 very sociable zombies. Fun right?!
Experiencing these things together empowers your inner richness and strengthens your relation. It may sound a bit crazy, but I absolutely did not want to miss this.

My flight operated by Eurowings 2,5 week later (on the 5th of July) got cancelled, so I booked a different flight home. That’s why I arrived home early, at the same day as Robin. I couldn’t bare to stay in Asia and say goodbye again.

There you see, love makes you do special things right?

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