Breaking the rut!

Breaking the rut!

Do you know that feeling… that your actions start to be ordinary? You start to live in a ‘safe’ and ‘known’ place.. just your standard things and that’s it.

That’s the point where you need to start breaking the rut! Or you don’t, it depends on your own mindset. I’m the type of person who likes some adventure, variety and challenge, so when I end up in ‘the rut’ it’s a kind of reminder of finding some new challenges or prospects. This time I decided to book a SRPRS.ME trip… I won’t hear where I go untill I arrive at the airport, isn’t that awesome? Besides that it’s a great opportunity to hang out with some fellow travellers, to get new inspiration, to make some awesome photo’s and video’s and to work on my writing course.

Curious where I will end up during this trip? Just keep on following my blog, I will keep you posted!

Of course you can also adjust this breaking the rut thing in small things such as the food you eat, the music you listen to, putting some changes in your home, visiting some nice events, creating new stuff, or even by trying to appreciate the world a bit more by just keep on looking at the positive things….

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