My new chapter

My new chapter

My new chapter

It has been a little while and there have been some major changes in my life. To start of with the fact that I’ve quit my job, I gave up my ‘home’ and I put away most of my belongings. In exchange I bought myself a practical backpack, where my residuary belongins fit in. Yes, that’s where my journey starts. My new chapter.

This journey is something I’ve dreamed of for many years, the ultimate freedom, the chance to explore and think.

And than the day was there. I was standing at the airport with my backpack, kissing my love goodbye. Probably one of the hardest things I had to do. Though I knew he would join me in 6 weeks. But I guess it’s always hard to say goodbye to those you love. After a travel day of almost 24 hours I arrived at Bangkok airport and I realized I was standing at the other side of the world. This might sound a bit melodramatic, but this is really how I started to realize.

The smell of tasteful Thai food and a minute later a scent of trash and drainage. People rushing their way at the airport, all following their own path.

My first impressions of Thailand…


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