februari 23, 2017


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A few weeks ago I’ve photographed my beautiful pregnant niece Sharon and her boyfriend Roy. We did a natural shoot at a beautiful location. I even kept the editing minimalistic (which is something unique for my work), so embrace these pure shots.

A funny fact…. normally I don’t do pregnancy shoots because I somehow think it’s a bit outdated and boring. But this time I insisted because I  love to photograph the people that are close to me. Especially when it’s about something special like this… a small miracle growing inside :)

Gender reveal 2016

In 2016 we already did a gender reveal shoot… will it be a boy or a girl? Cheesy I know…. but that’s what I like about it! We gave the shoot a huge ‘fun’ fact with some personal stuff like the rocking horse, a confetti cannon, some baby clothes and ofcourse the pink and blue balloons.


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