Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts


Thoughts, thoughts and more thoughts


I probably never stop writing about my thoughts. Taking my thoughts somewhere else… it’s something that feels like a small relieve. As a young kid I always wrote in my ‘dear’ diary and those memories and thoughts are so magnificent to treasure. That’s why I started writing about my thoughts again, this time a bit more serious, but still with the same thought, to keep those thoughts alive!

Interpretation and perception
Thinking is such a ‘normal’ thing, everyone does it, all day long. So writing about my thoughts is somehow the same I think… Though the special thing about thoughts is that everyone’s thoughts are different. “Well special?” You might think… yes it is! I love how every human being has different ways of interpretation and perception. In my thesis I wrote a huge story about this subject. Like, can we influence thoughts? And how? But why would we want to influence thoughts? And why would we want to be influenced? Isn’t being your own ‘self’ good enough? And secretly being seduced by advertising, that doesn’t feel okay, right?

There is so much stuff researched and written about this subject. But of course the subject keeps being interpreted differently. In my personal opinion that is a great thing! It makes us who we are, our unique, strong selves. But when I take a look from the business side it could be a hard thing. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if everyone just loved my pictures and booked a shoot? The business side says: “Yes!! That’s perfect for the finances,” my personal side says: “No way! I love a challenge, I love to affect and win over people. Besides… (online)marketing is a great thing. Challenging yourself to reach something is a great way of living, it keeps you alive!” Well I’ve made my point.

From now on I’m going to share my thoughts a bit more often. And do you know? I’m experimenting with social media, so you can also follow me at Tumblr, Twitter, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest and Google+!

And of course, because this post is all about personal interpretation I would love to hear your opinion about this subject as well!

What do you think about interpretation, perception and being seduced by advertising? -