Time is hunting me, although that’s how I’m feeling right now. I’m already in Lisbon for almost 5 months now. And in a few weeks I have to go back to Holland again. One year ago, the moment when the idea of going to Lisbon to study photography came up feels like yesterday. But now it’s almost over. I had such an amazing time. I’ve learned a lot about lightning and technical aspects of photography, but the thing I’ve learned about the most is the knowledge of life and  to be self-conscious of my personal growth. Knowing who I want to be and what I want to do makes me feel delightful. And yet I’ve decided to make an even larger road for my self-conscious. Next semester I will be following a minor concepting. Becoming self conscious isn´t something that can happen on an expert level, it´s the idea and feeling of becoming more and more yourself. But there will always be more to learn about yourself and being open for that will give you a step forward. And why am  I typing this? Just because it also influences my photography, my creative mind. It’s very nice to know the technical aspects of photography, but I still prefer to do my own thing. Or maybe mix my own thing with the extra technical information to create more intense pictures.

One of the things I made in Lisbon is an extreme beautyshoot for my fashion class and with extreme I mean extreme edited. Where I normaly take quit long to do a nice make-up and do the hair, I’ve added a very fast (not very good) make-up and hairstyle to the model. With this pictures I wanted to show my photoshop skills. It takes some hours to do, but I felt really inspired after a photoshop class of one of my teachers where I’ve learned some new usefull skills. In this class he showed us how he photoshopped a picture step by step on a very big display. It was also the 2nd time I was working in the studio.


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And I have to say that I still prefer to use locations for photoshoots. Although the good thing about the class studio photography is that I really like working with artificial lights. I can’t wait to get my own one day to experiment more with lights.

When I look what I’ve accomplished in 2013 I feel very happy. I didn’t had special intensions, I just had dreams and a lot of motivation. A lot of dreams must be there to become the truth. You just need people who support you and a strong will. So maybe putting goals for a new year isn’t that bad after all? Okay maybe the intention of why you have set your goals is wrong in that case, but your goals aren’t wrong. I believe it’s good to challenge yourself because it’s the only way to set a step forward. No I can’t make a list of dreams I’ve fulfilled last year, I can just say that I’ve traveled a lot and that’s one of the things I truly love. I’ve been traveling trough Europe for a schoolproject with Mjuks goes Europe (Switserland, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and Germany, I’ve been to Berlin, Germany with a very good friend to remind our internship from 2009 there, I moved to Lisbon, Portugal to live there for half a year and I’ve traveled to Madrid, Spain just for fun. To travel is a dream that always goes on for me. During travels you meet new people, see new things and get new perspectives of the life you’re living. Traveling gives a big load of inspiration and energy. So for me traveling is a lot more than just a dream, it’s a way of exploring new things and a very small try at understanding more of the world and people, or maybe it’s just a try to learn more about myself?

Here are some pictures I made during my travels last year.


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