oktober 28, 2014

What’s your purpose of life?

by stephanie in Uncategorized

What’s your purpose of life?

One thing I’m always thinking about is what are we human beings living for? People around me always seem to be in a rush, have many, many obligations and don’t seem to enjoy their life as much as they should. They work to live… and they live to survive instead of live to make the best of a life. And yes I have to admit I’m also quilty for getting in to the daily grind quite often. Lately I started to think about my wishes again, what do I want? What am I living for? I’m not living to only serve the society by earning money and spending it again so the cirkle goes on and on and on…. no I want more! I want to discover, enjoy and create my own adventures, I want to be free as a bird.


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